kaizen, the Japanese process of continuous, gradual improvement.
Why Quitting Your Job to Chase Your Dream Is a Terrible Idea
Jeff Goins

Jeff what an awesome read! Tons of value in here. I hustled my tail off for years on my side hustle while I was employed full time. Then In 2007, I was laid off. Soo, I launched our first company, I asked my wife to run it — she had more experience with infrastructure. We had savings and experience but once the recession hit no one was buying anything from us and we went broke, lost 401k and all. I was taking change to the Coinstar machine to get gas to try and get to the next sales appointment. It’s now 2016 and we now have a few employees and after 8 years of hustle, struggle, tears and joy to build the brand and additional credibility we are FINALLY launching our biggest goal yet. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THE “kaizen” line. Each year we hustled and we wanted to simply do a bit better than the last year. Did we have a couple of close break-thru moments? Yep! Did we have a couple of moments where we tried to grab the lighting in the bottle? Yep! Did ANY of those pan out to be huge? NOPE! The only thing that did was gradual, continuos movement! And much like you I was embarrassed as well and had to mature to deal with that. Well fast forward to today and over 10,000 hours later we will be launching our biggest idea yet. This September we will launch the 1st live, social-media,crowd-produced talk show where viewers pick the guests, topics and ask questions in real-time to guests thru periscope,snapchat, Twitter & more. Your article is a great reminder to all those saying “just jump” and go for it! Bottom line: it’s super hard to grow wings while on the way down :-) Instead, build wings while you have a stable gig and then take off will be much smoother.