Nefertiti™ in a Raspberry Pi.

Mario Arranz
Nov 24, 2018 · 3 min read
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Nefertiti is a command-line trading bot that follows a simple but proven strategy. If you don’t know what Nefertiti is or does, please refer to Introducing Nefertiti™, a simple crypto trading bot.

Disclaimer: investing in crypto is high risk. Even though this bot follows a relatively safe strategy, you should never feed it money you cannot afford to lose. Use at your own risk.

I have bought a brand new raspberry, what now?

You would need a microSD card to install the operative system in it. You have a lot of options. The standard one is Raspbian but I recommend you DietPi, a Debian-based operating like Raspbian, but slimmer and faster. Here you have some instructions to install it.

Installing Nefertiti™

Once you have your Raspberry Pi ready to play with you can download the latest Nefertiti binary for your platform. In your case, despite of having a “Debian ARM”, I recommend you download the “Linux ARM” version. This will download a .tar.gz file with the runable cryptotrader inside. All you need to do is copy the file cryptotrader in the root of the Raspberry Pi using scp command.

Example of using Nefertiti™

Here, you can see a script to run cryptotrader much simpler:

Installing PM2

I personally like running the bot with PM2. It allows you to run multiple instances. Here is an example of running 4 instances in PM2 and show the dashboard to see them all running:


  • How to know the IP address to run scp command:
    Once run the raspberry, it appears on the top: IP eth0 or IP wlan0 followed by the IP (something like 196.168.X.X). To run scp just copy that IP and run scp ./cryptotrader root@192.168.X.X:~/
    It will ask for the password and, if you did not change it, by default isdietpi


Got questions? You can find me on twitter or join the Telegram group.

If you liked the article you can make a BTC donation here:

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