Amazon Customer Service Secret You Should Be Following

I’m an Amazon addict.

I’ve been a Prime member since back in the day when it was known exclusively as an online bookstore.

Excluding most food products there isn’t anything I won’t buy off Amazon. That’s right even my toilet paper. Besides who wants to be walking in the store with a giant package of TP.

Customers may forget what you say but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

Recently, I reached out to Amazon’s customer service department because I had a tracking number that stated my order would be arriving today but it didn’t. My feelings were hurt.

After creating my ticket it was “recommended” that I give them a call so I did. I know your thinking how silly it is to be calling in a complaint because my package was arriving a day late but I can’t help it, Amazon PRIME 2-Day Shipping has spoiled me.

Long story short, not only did they refund me the cost of my order, they promised me it would arrive the next day. On top of that, they gave me an extra month of Amazon Prime for FREE! When the rep told me that I completely forgot why I called in the first place.

And that’s their secret. Customers may forget what you say but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. She didn’t question me, ask me to wait and call back the next day. She overpromised and over delivered.

As business owners, managers, and passionate employees we have to think more like Amazon. Rectify the situation quickly and make the extra effort to make them feel special.

Since then I’ve implemented various tactics to deal with complaints from my own customers.

The other day, I had a member get charged the wrong amount for a purchase in our retail store. An extra zero was typed into the register and the cost of their purchase made their $1.99 bottle of water turn into a $10.99 purchase. After they received their email receipt for the transaction, I received a prompt reply stating the amount was incorrect and that they wanted it rectified immediately. I could sense they weren’t happy.

So what did I do?

Not only did I immediately refund them their $10 I gave them $20 off their next month’s membership for the inconvenience. What do you think happened?

Not only did I rectify the situation quickly, I made them feel like a million bucks. The conversation turned into, “you don’t have to do that”, and “you are very kind”.

I would lose $20 but I would keep them as a loyal customer.

No single transaction has ever made a company successful. It was the lifetime value they were able to create that make companies successful. My gut says that this is Amazon’s secret customer service policy.

So the moral of the story is…be more like Amazon. You’ll end up winning the hearts and minds of all your customers if you start to think more about the end game and not a single transaction.

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