Cheat Meals Make No Sense

People talk about having cheat meals but nobody is ever on the same page of what that really means.

Prior to the Look Fit Challenge when I told someone I had a cheat meal it usually included; rice, beans, steak and Cuban bread. I can’t help it I’m Cuban!

My friends cheat meals are epic. They include fast food of some sort and some type of dessert.

The problem with any of these cheat meals is that they are relative in comparison.

What defines a cheat meal anyways?

While on the challenge I wanted to focus on one thing. And that was to never go over my “magic number” for weight loss.

Client: Camille C. has lost 25lbs

I used an online calculator to figure out my number and no what I tried to never go over it. I wasn’t perfect but I was consistent.Over time I end up losing 20lbs and kept it off ever since.

What is a cheat meal? So by definition, if you go over your “magic number” are cheating. Doesn’t matter how much you go over, if you continue to do that, you will eventually gain weight again.

There are levels of cheating that are less damaging than others but it’s still cheating.

What defines a cheat meal anyways?

The more you go over the more you will have to climb out of the hole you have dug for yourself.

So now when I cheat, I calculate it. Worst case I try not to go over 250 calories of my total intake for the day. This allows me to have something extra if I’m craving it but doesn’t require me to starve myself the next day.

Client: Michael P.

If you’re interested in how I did it. Reach out to us. We know so many people that want to lose weight but are going out of their mind trying to find the perfect diet to do so.

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