How to Inject the Culture of Winning.

Running a team of young talented individuals is probably the toughest job of a CEO today. Most of the employees at FlySpaces belong to the millennial generation (including the CEO!). They were born in a interconnected and communicated era with access to everything, but access does not necessarily mean knowledge.

We notice in our hiring and training process that, while drive is already built into the people we hire, to have them become superstars we need to give them “super powers.” We achieve this by injecting the culture of winning.

Our teams across the SEA region have a rigorous approach to attempts — we teach them to “always try.” Although the demands may seem very high (i.e. asking for 50% discount from a potential supplier), we show them that there is nothing they can’t do, and by consistently trying you can achieve amazing things.

We also never miss an opportunity to pitch FlySpaces, although we have been asked to not going some pitching events anymore so we may not accept the prize if we do win. The point however, is to have our team on stage representing the company, a task that many young talents will find challenging — particularly in a time-bound and judgmental environment. Nevertheless, it is amazing training for not only their careers but for their lives as well.

We are obsessed about winning any negotiation, pitching competition, or contest that we join. A very recent example was our first attempt to get into Endeavor, a high level entrepreneurial organization. Initially rejecting us in February 2017, they gave us amazing and valuable feedback, which we obsessively worked on so we could try again in October 2017, this time being accepted.

The moral is that, each time we “lose” we get amazing insights on how we can win the next time and we relentlessly get back on our feet and try harder because of our obsession of winning. We do not miss a chance to fairly, but aggressively, engage with our competitors, because most of the time we will learn something from them.

By injecting a culture of always trying and subsequently winning, your team will acquire super powers and become superstars.

Mario Berta