New Poetry Section + Poem

I’ve been posting tons of poems on Instagram lately and finally have some time to post some of them here. I don’t think poetry is my forte, but I enjoy writing a few poems here and there. The issue with Instagram is the size of the text. It needs to be big enough to be visible but then I have to write less lines. So I’ll probably also post the longer poems here as well. I have a couple in mind for the coming week. You can find me on Instagram @Dominican.York

Here’s one I wrote quiet a while back but that I still enjoy reading.

In Our Time

In our time, we were good.

In our time, we were great and thought

Our love weaved in fate.

We played the blame game

and fucked too.

Through silence, lies,

I stayed true

While black and white inside me

Blended to a gray,

With shades of black and a deep,

Deep blue.

In our time, we were good, and I loved

You for real…

In. Our. Time.

You can also enjoy an audio clip of me reading the poem: