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Brief / Design an interactive object or a digital product that could help people to improve their physical and psychological wellbeing

Period / Feb 2019 — June 2019

My roles / Concept ideation, Product development, Wireframing, Mockups (app), Prototypes (device), User Experience, User Interface


How might we design something interactive for people wanting to improve their psycho-physical wellbeing?


Bandha is a service made of an app and a device: Bandha and Stone. The app works only connected with Stone, that instead can be used even without being connected to Bandha.

The app is made of 3 phases: Respiration, Balance and Meditation. It is sort of a game, where the user has to do each previous exercise to unlock the others. The aim is to train the user and, at the end, make him capable to meditate everywhere and whenever he wants to. …

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🎯 Challenge / We are constantly fighting distractions and procrastination when we’re trying to get the work done on the computer. How can you design an environment that helps people focus on their work to be done?

Note / This was a really quick exercise, found on It’s great to challenge yourself and it was really useful to take advantage of free time during the quarantine due to Covid-19. That said, I’m conscious that the level of detail is not perfect.

👨‍💻 End User

People who use mainly the computer for their daily tasks at work.

🤓 Job Story

When I’m working with the computer I want to avoid distractions so I can finish the job as soon as possible and be more productive. …

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I come from a really small town in the center of Italy, that I left when I was 20 to pursue a degree in Product Design at the University of Ferrara (Italy).

I’m currently studying Service Design at the University of Bologna (Italy) where my passion for Interaction Design and User Experience Design came out.

I had multiple experiences outside of Italy, including India and Portugal and would love to mix traveling and working in the next years. My greatest passion is drawing, meant as something to work with and also to free my mind. …

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Brief / Redesign the Visual Identity of the University of Bologna Museum Network (SMA) and apply the new designs to a Digital Product

Period / Mar 2020 — June 2020


SMA (Sistema Museale di Ateneo) is a network of fourteen museums and collections belonging to the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the Western world. Its diverse collections were born as a result of teaching and scientific research activities carried out since its foundation. …

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Tagus river at sunset, near Cais do Sodre station

Não falo português, and to be honest at first I wasn’t even liking Portuguese, but in the end I came back to Italy with a huge desire to learn that language. There aren’t many reasons behind it, just the fact that my experience in Portugal was great, but short… so what better way to make it continue?

My internship at started the 6th of January and ended after exactly 2 months. I’m a Service Design student at the University of Bologna (Italy) and I applied for the Erasmus+ for Traineeship program in April 2019, when I started contacting every service design office in Lisbon and Berlin. …


Mario Di Giorgio

Service Design student and film photographer

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