Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it
Lewis Wallace

More power to you. I just sent the following message to Marketplace and posted it also on facebook. “ Your firing of Lewis Wallace is utterly disgraceful at a time when the nation is being taken over by a glaringly neofascist regime intent on limiting the media and assaulting and persecuting minorities, women, immigrants, and LGBT people. The questions he raised in his personal blog entry are timely and important and were not in any way out of line or insubordinate with respect to your company’s code of ethics as stated by Angie Anderson. I am a gay immigrant Mexican man married to another man, and not at all an uninformed person. I will let all the people I know in my vast network that your organization is unfortunately committed to acts of censorship and retaliation in response to a journalist’s honesty expressing the need and importance to name and tell the truth. It’s a shame your company is acquiescing to the current administration’s bullying and silencing of voices in our community.”

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