Now Arriving: A Better Transit App for Portland

Since I moved to Portland in May of 2015, I began writing an app for iOS called PDX Transit. Yes, I know, there are many transit apps for TriMet. I tried them all but they all seemed to have frustrated me in some way or another so I took it upon myself to make my own.

PDX Transit has since evolved into a very polished app. These days, I focus on usability since the functionality is now all there. Since the beginning, the app had the following features:

  • Local Bus Stops
  • Arrival Times per Stop
  • Transit Directions

And since then, I’ve added a host of usability features such as

  • Maps with Annotations for Visual Context
  • Dynamic Type for Beautiful Typography
  • Natural Language Search (for Addresses)
  • 3D Touch for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

PDX Transit also comes with a few nice extensions such as

  • Registered at as Routing App with Apple, so you can transfer any parameters from Apple Maps to PDX Transit with ease
  • PDX Transit for Apple Watch (watchOS 2)
  • PDX Transit for Apple TV (currently in the works)

The app has gotten much praise from the lovely people of Portland. Let me be the first to invite you check it out! Best part of all — it’s light, ad-free, and won’t cost you a single cent!


Mario A Guzman