Part of the issue with looking past this and voting for him anyways is that it normalizes racism. It rewards ill behavior with honor and dignity.
To My Friends Who Voted for Trump —
Caroline McCain

THIS is one of THE most troubling of all things, Caroline. I am of Mexican heritage and was lucky enough to have been born in this wonderful country (The U.S. of America) after my parents came here LEGALLY and yet even I am offended and concerned by ALL the horrible discourse and inflammatory rhetoric from the unbelievably now President-Elect Donald Trump. Thank you for giving voice to all you raise in this piece. I actually sometimes even imagine your own grandfather (the honorable Sen. John McCain) and Mitt Romney and think, ‘boy, those two must really be shaking their heads at the kind of campaign Trump ran to get himself elected.’ He may have won “fair & square”, but wow the hate and vitriol he did it all with. What lessons will our children learn from this all? Billy Bush lost his job, Donald Trump was exalted by mere virtue of being elected president of the greatest nation on earth. This will always be perplexing and smacks in the face of what he himself kept griping about as “a different set of rules” for Hillary. He too operates by a different set of rules! Anybody else would have lost their job (like Billy Bush did) including the awesome privilege of running for the highest office of our land.

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