Everything is an API, including me and my CV

mario menti
Jul 14, 2017 · 2 min read
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Or maybe this should say, “everything should be an API”. I love APIs and would genuinely love an API for everything. So that made me think, as I am currently looking for my next adventure/project/job, that maybe my CV/resume should be an API too, especially as APIs and chatbots are some of my pet interests (incidentally my CV is already available as a chat bot on Facebook Messenger).

So if reading a plain resume doesn’t float your boat and you‘ve always secretly wanted to query a CV programmatically, go check out my CV API at https://api.mariomenti.com.

Here’s some of the fun (well, if you think APIs are fun, YMMV) things you can do with it:

Make a GET request to https://api.mariomenti.com/full?token=public
This returns the full CV in JSON format (all API endpoints return their responses as JSON).

Make a GET request to https://api.mariomenti.com/projects?token=public
Returns an array of the side projects I’ve created in recent years.

Make a GET request to https://api.mariomenti.com/projects/1?token=public
Returns the side project with id 1.

Make a GET request to https://api.mariomenti.com/experience?token=public
Returns an array of my work experience/ positions.

Make a GET request to https://api.mariomenti.com/experience/1?token=public
Returns the work experience/ position with id 1.

Make a GET request to https://api.mariomenti.com/tags?token=public
Returns an array of tags used in projects and work experience (each project and position is tagged with technologies used etc).

Make a GET request to https://api.mariomenti.com/tags/golang?token=public
Returns an array of all projects and work experience/positions that are tagged with “golang”

If you think this is really cool, and you want to get in touch with me, the API is your friend too:

Make a GET request to https://api.mariomenti.com/contact?token=public
This will return my contact details (email, phone number, mail address)

Even better, you can get in touch with me directly and send me a message via SMS or email, through the API itself:

Make a POST request to https://api.mariomenti.com/contact, with the following parameters
- token: the API token to make the request. Needs to be “public” for demo purposes
- channel: this needs to be “sms” or “email”, depending on the type of message you want to send
- message: the actual message you want to send
- from: required when using channel=email only, and should contain your email address, so I can reply to you :)

This POST request will send me your message via the specified channel.

And finally, there’s complete documentation, and even an interactive API console (thanks to the wonders of RAML) that lets you try out all these API endpoints, at https://api.mariomenti.com/console/.

Note the console is live, so e.g. POSTing to the /contact endpoint through the API console will send me a message. Please bear this in mind and use responsibly, or I will have to revoke the public token ;)

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