Hello I Read You Perfectly!

Being a young Community Management trainee at RogerVoice

It all started in june when I came back from my Erasmus exchange in Madrid. I was desperate to find a 2 month summer internship in communications and translation. Thanks to my university’s Facebook group (the ISIT), I eventually applied for a Community Management internship at RogerVoice. Even though I was only familiar with Facebook and Gmail so far I decided to try my luck, thinking at best I would say that I can quickly adapt myself to any new situation (as every student does, with more or less success…) :-/

So I met Olivier, RogerVoice’s CEO. The evening before the meeting I went on the start-up’s website and I had an apprehension : Olivier himself is deaf. I was afraid of making some faux-pas and that he would not be able to understand me, but everything went well :-). Next week I was toldthat RogerVoice wished to take me for the Community Management internship. I enthusiastically accepted :D

That’s how I started my internship at RogerVoice. I manage its Facebook and Twitter accounts, I answer to the users’ questions on Intercom, I translate articles for the support section… In a nutshell I’m RogerVoice’s « serial-twitter » and spokesperson.

As I post and tweet more articles about deaf and hard of hearing people, I’m discovering a community which is still unfortunately strongly prejudiced and discriminated, especially in the professionnal world. As in the example of Igor Brizard’s misfortune in finding a new job despite his excellent skills (http://www.letelegramme.fr/cotes-darmor/saint-brieuc/surdite-igor-aimerait-juste-trouver-un-travail-28-07-2016-11163342.php), I can’t help wondering : Why do our qualifications and skills suddenly seem to vanish during a job interview whenever we are impaired ?? :-(

I’m not deaf nor hard of hearing, however I got aware of disabilities thanks to the drama workshops with my company in hospitals with patients (Once I had 2 deaf patients). Besides when I answer customer emails, I got many testimonies of hearing people using the app. For instance, a certain J. is an educator in a support service in the French county of the Marne. He recently downloaded the app so his patients and family discover it, as well as C., a software programmer and instructor who likes to help out deaf persons, who downloaded RogerVoice to do technical tests.

I could also see that RogerVoice has brought a tremendous amount of good things to deaf/hard of hearing people. I receive testimonies several times from users who thank us for having created the app, how amazing it is, and how being able to call was their greatest wish,…

Maybe it’s RogerVoice’s key to its success : to « hear » each other and share with our friends, family… to « connect» with people.

Roger that? ;-)