No need to respond. Because effort and all.
Don’t worry — I won’t eat your penis
Beth Mann

Your piece resonates on so many levels maybe because I’m a girl (us girls have all been here or maybe not lol).

Settling for the man who can’t commit. Seeing the red flags from miles a way but always (some how) finding a way to rationalize everything. On our first date this guy I was seeing said (in casual conversation ofcourse) that he doesn’t like to take this things too seriously, everything is better enjoyed in the moment (how right is this though). Rationalized. You know what, let’s live for now- yolo right? Thing is I really liked him and no, I don’t want to live for now. I want to plan our wedding, that peach colour has to be just right. I was ready to begin our forever. He wasn’t. I went with it. You can tell how that ended. Who would blame him though, he almost literally spelt it out for me. Truth is, this girl forgot how to read the moment her eyes saw, her heart felt and her groin throbbed.

Moral ladies, don’t settle. Value yourself. And for FS don’t be a doormat.

Easy to say (I know) and it’s sad.

Love and light ❤

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