Day 13 — So Many Stories

For Christmas, Carson (My Creative Director) and his husband gave me one of the Humans Of New York books. *sidebar: if you are not currently following that page on Facebook, go do it now. I’ll wait.*

In the front he wrote:

“Never forget how many stories there are to tell.”

I love that. So much.

Each show tells a story. Each song, each character, each scene. So many stories.

But with my work, my favourite stories are the ones that belong to the artists themselves.

Tonight’s #ConfidentialProject (5 down, 2 to go at #FringeTO) had a cast that was comprised of many stories.

One was of a woman who had been in the top five for a lead in a musical that would potentially land her on Broadway, and then the starring role in the film adaptation. But, as so often happens, the role went to someone else. I learned of this when I first met this artist and decided that figuring out a way to let her play the role was a great idea. So tonight, she got to play that role. And when she came on stage, the audience cheered.

One was of a young man who, a few months ago, showed up for his first #ConfidentialProject and during our pre-performance gathering with the cast, discovered that he and another young man had been cast in the same role. It was a nightmarish email mistake. Just awful. But, this artist was SO generous and offered to take on the role that wasn’t ‘claimed’ by anyone and he was a stand out. Simply incredible. Tonight he played the ‘leading man’ — my way of saying “I’m SO sorry!!” and he was absolutely charming and delightful and hilarious.

There was a young woman who was in the #ConfidentialProject on Sunday. On Monday, I sent a note to the entire cast, thanking them for their wonderful work. Immediately afterward, I received a note from an artist who was supposed to perform tonight but had a death in the family and needed to fly out of the city immediately. Meanwhile, I’d received an instant response to my ‘thanks for your wonderful work’ note from this young woman who said: “Anytime you need me, I’m there!” So … I asked and she accepted, and with only three days prep, gave a jaw dropping performance tonight. Of strength and joy and sass.

Those are only three stories from one production — I could go on and on and on.

So many stories. And I’m so excited to try and tell them all.

“Never forget how many stories there are to tell.”

I won’t. I promise.

Marion #NotEnoughRyeForJuly

Today’s Stats:

Scores Rehearsed: 1 (Harvest Moon Rising! So gorgeous!)

Scores Performed: 1 (2 #FringeTO left, 9 shows left in total for July!)

Hours of Sleep I Got Last Night: 4

Times I Almost Cried Today: 10+

Times I Hugged My Son Today: 10+

Rye Shots Consumed: 2