Day 25 — Kindred Spirits

Susan and I at the Confidential Project production of Titanic

I’m a huge fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery (I think it’s a citizenship requirement for Canadian, natural redheaded girls) and she introduced a very special term to the world, via Anne Shirley:

Kindred Spirits

A Kindred Spirit is someone who you immediately connect with. There are no need for detailed explanations — a kindred spirit will instinctively know.

Significant amounts of time can pass between meetings, but Kindred Spirits can immediately pick up where they left off, as though no time had passed at all.

When I was in my 20s, and a student at Sheridan, I got hired by a community theatre group to play for their rehearsals for Fiddler On The Roof. That’s when I first met Susan Goddard. She was playing Golde and she was a Kindred Spirit. I can’t pinpoint a single conversation in my heart’s memory during that time with her, but I knew I loved her instantly.

I was then hired to musically direct A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum by the same group, and John, Susan’s husband was in the cast. Another kindred spirit.

Somehow, in a world pre-internet and pre-Facebook, the Goddards and I stayed in touch. The timing was always erratic and crazy, but like true kindred spirits, it was as if no time had past at all, each and every time.

My work with Confidential Project and joining the Arts and Letters Club, has re-united me with these wonderful people in an ongoing and significant way. And now, I find myself at their cottage for the next few days to relax and recover from the last 24 days of craziness and exhilaration.

The older I get, the more I realize just how rare and precious Kindred Spirits are. On days when all on the horizon seems grey and dreams seem too foggy to achieve, Kindred Spirits will know when you need a pep talk or just another rye and ginger ale. And when you’re riding the highest waves of delight and celebration, they are celebrating right alongside you, without pretence or agenda.

I’m so, so fortunate to count Susan and John as two of my dearest friends, most awesome supporters, true Kindred Spirits.

Who are yours? Hang on to them tightly. And don’t let go.

It just may result in a long nap on a hammock by the water some day.

Marion #NotEnoughRyeForJuly

Today’s Stats:

First Thought Upon Waking: ‘Where do I have to be today?!’

Second Thought: ‘Oh yeah — cottage time starts today!’

Third Thought: ‘I don’t have to wear spanx for a whole week!!’

Scores Rehearsed and/or Performed: zero!

Rehearsals Visited: 1 (Blue Castle — yay!)

Naps Taken In A Hammock: 1

Shots of Rye Consumed: 2? 3? (John is a generous bartender …)

John and I at the opening reception of the Women Of Musical Theatre Festival