Day 8 — Lose The ‘But’

Today I woke up and my body was not happy with me. At all. So I was ordered to stay home and take the day off by my Production Stage Manager. (I really do have the best team. On the planet.)

This enabled me to rest up, do some laundry, get some groceries and catch up on (what seemed like) 4 billion messages — texts, emails, Facebook messages, Instagram messages and the like. (Side note: When I discovered that my Instagram account also had an ‘inbox’ I actually cried.)It’s amazing what three days of insanity can leave your various inboxes looking like.

Anyway, I have a request. Of everyone.

Can we please lose the but?!

“I know you’re really busy but …”

Let me be the first to tell you (and yikes I might slapped for this …) that the ‘but’ is rude.

It stands for ‘But I’m gonna ask you anyway.’ And, frankly, I find that rude.

“I know you’re really busy but …’

This opening statement irks me the death because 95% of the requests that follow are not urgent — life or death — must get the info or the world will blow up kinds of requests. Often they’re issues that could wait a few days or the information could be sourced elsewhere or the information HAS been posted elsewhere already.

There’s a saying that goes ‘if you want something done, ask the busiest person you know’. And I fully support that statement.

And I’m HONOURED by requests for help, advice, assistance, attendance.

I truly am. And I love to help if I can — love it!

However! The next time you find yourself including a ‘but’ in your opening statement, could I ask you to rethink?

“I know you’re busy and would love to hear back from you whenever you have an opportunity.”

“I know you’re busy — I was at your show last night and I can see how co-ordinating it must have taken a lot of teamwork!”

“I know you’re busy and I hear you have an upcoming vacation to Disney World planned — that’s fantastic!”

A little bit of true understanding and eliminating the ‘but’ will go a long way.

In fact, I’d probably answer your message first.

Marion #NotEnoughRyeForJuly

Today’s Stats

Scores Rehearsed: 0

Scores ‘Read’ Through: 3

Current Inbox Status: 14 *fist bump*

Movies Watched: 2

Naps Taken: 2

Love For The Incredible Seren Brooke: Immeasurable

Shots of Rye Consumed: 0