Lake Huron — July 28, 2017.

Day 28 — Musings On Artistic Process

This morning I walked to the beach and contemplated the water.


Vast, colourful, enticing, breathtaking.

I wanted to cross to the other side, swim, feel like I was a part of all that beauty.

So I slipped off my flip flops and started to walk toward it.

Yikes! My ‘city girl’ feet were not impressed with the rocks, pebbles and other detritus washed up on the shore.

Gamely, I walked into the water …

Bahahah! It was frigid!

I tried to fool myself for a few minutes and tell myself it was bracing and refreshing.

It wasn’t.

I stumbled back to my flip flops, grateful for their comfort and continued to stare out at the water.

Right now I’m starting to finalize plans for the 2017–2018 Season for Marion Abbott Productions.

So exciting! So many stories to tell, so many artists to feature, so much joy and laughter and celebration of humanity to embrace!

I have the overall game plan mapped out. And several times over the past few days I’ve sat down, marker and journalling pad in hand, ready to dive in.

But like my feet dealing with the rocky beach and the cold water, my brain just isn’t ready. Each decision seems impossible, each challenge, insurmountable and all of my ideas, feeble.

So I put down my paperwork, stare at the overall plan, imagine the possibilities and wait for when I’m ready to tackle it all.

I feel like most artistic processes are similar — our imaginations see the possibilities on the empty stage, page, paper or canvas.

And they’re vast, colourful, enticing, breathtaking.

But sometimes, we’re simply not in the right frame of mind. And our hearts aren’t aligned with our goals. And we need to take some time to breathe and wait for the right moment to begin.

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

Marion #NotEnoughRyeForJuly

Today’s Stats:

Movies Watched: Dunkirk (oof — hard hitting cinema indeed)

Naps Taken: 2

Scores Rehearsed/Performed: 0 (2 left!)

Birthday Plans For Gianni Made: Numerous

Hugs Received From Gianni: Countless

Shots Of Rye Consumed: 3 and still counting (Giancarlo is pouring …)