Flexing freelance’s and entrepreneur’s lives with coliving

These days, we all heard about coworking spaces thanks to new companies such as WeWork, which succeeded to implant themselves as a funnier and more collaborative mode, for all the freelancers, startups and digital nomads.

The coliving is quite the same principle but for the housing in general. As said in the urban dictionary, it’s a “Shared housing designed to support a purpose-driven life. A modern, urban lifestyle that values openness, sharing, and collaboration”. It’s a great life experience designed for everyone, take account that sharing experience and knowledge is a fertile ground propitious to healthy emulation.

The coliving is the perfect balance between both. An ergonomic and smart housing where everybody has it’s own private space, where the common areas are well suited to the development of friendly interactions and finally, a place were one and all would be able to work in dwelling dedicated and ergonomics spaces, while enjoying a true professional and personal knowledge network.

Thus, a digital nomad willing to spend few months in a country for professional and/or personal motivations can go out in a limb, enjoying their journey without having to worry about the traditional administration problems relatives to housing, working conditions, insurances, the length of the stay, and all of the administrative problems arising therefrom.

Koalition, a french start-up opened the very first space dedicated to all of those who love their “portable job”. By drawing a link between the private and the professional in order to offer housings, but mainly to give people the opportunity to live and share memorable experiences with like-minded people coming from all around the world. By creating and developing links between digital nomads it is peoples, but mainly the cultures, the passions, the experiences and the networks which are emerging to create a challenging environment and more often than not friendships !

All of the paper’s illustrations are picture which were taken during the previous Paris edition, and during those who toked placed in Budapest and Barcelona. All of the participants left with a tear in the eye and head full of intense memories.

The next edition will take place in Paris, and it’s gonna be a great event : “on-demand” very easy renting, from a few weeks, without commitments, all-inclusive (see below), fully-furnished, and a great people network. The concept ? One quickly introduce itself, and contacted thereafter by a happiness manager which shall define if you and we match. Okay, what then ? Take a ticket, prepare your luggages and take a chance, that’s all !

Close your eyes for a moment, image you are landing from wherever on earth with your luggage, your computer by your side, discovering your own private room with a two-sized bed barely waiting you to set down and make yourself at home, surrounded by spaces designed for community life, including all of the commodities needed, shared work spaces, free laundry services, very fast Wifi, and cherry on the cake, you will never have to worry about boring procedures as insurances, departure notice, housework, linen changing or even soap or toilet roll refills !

If you want to join the adventure within one the future houses, just sign up by introducing yourself, then as said before you will be re-contacted thereafter by one the members of our happiness staff.

If you want to share your opinion about what matters in this kind of housing, or about new informations concerning the openings of Koalition houses. You can also fulfill the form, which do not commit to anything. And now with the french tech visa it’s easier to live and work in France wherever you are coming from. What are you waiting for to enter the game ?

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