Devalued me, but too good

Yesterday i sat here, writing this love song
The chills, the trills and passion and love
On this spot just yesterday, i found a home called my own. 
Filled with laughter and delight, just a day away
I dreamt of love songs and created love itself or so i thought, just yesterday
A solid rock no storm could break, i thought so just a day away

Agony....... pain and tears, love turned to agony today
Sweet scent of love just a lingering memory swaying. 
Bony, faint and weak all that energy gone to waste 
Now am lonely all over again my love to her arms today swept away
Agony and pain, cruel parcel today brought for me
On this same spot, stranger now cohabits my home.

Yet am too good am i not .....? 
I can dance the song today wrote for me, follow every melody, as i weep tears of blood

And thats all i got today. 
Pain.... Like daggers dancing Tango through my heart
Am too good, i can even write a song of love and pain today.

Devalued to every sense of the word today… .. Yesterday turned today.