Hello mediums!

I love blogging and reading cool stuff. I love posting photos and eating out. I’m another artists and traveler lady. I live in a small coastal town in a very beautiful environment. I often walk around and go to see the local venues. I work around in small coastal inns catering to the public. I grew up in this area doing plays and getting to know the natural beauty around me. I have traveled overseas alot looking at art and architecture. I love yoga and healthy lifestyle blogs and beauty as well. I’m seeking where I should go to college besides some local college classes and traveling. The world has a lot to offer and experience so far it’s about exploration and maybe forever. When I find myself in one place for awhile I like to write poems and creative stories. I have a interest in clairvoyant sights and the metaphysical experiences. I’m often fascinated by older populations of people and civilizations. I’m happy to share my photos and videos. My ghost stories are still in the making but first I will tell you a little bit about the tea I will be drinking.

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