The Psycho-Spiritual Success Practice of “100% Me & 100% God/Universe”

I have often found that success is easy for me in my professional life. I firstly usually love the work I do and I am rather well suited for the positions I take. Not always but 90% of the time.

In my last 10 years as an entrepreneur, I make my own business models and I make my own products. I say my own but actually it’s never really mine. People think as an entrepreneur I have no boss to appease or to seek approval from. I do. As true business people we all do, they are the clients you serve and the employees you hire and work with and the stakeholders in your company, monetarily and also socially and emotionally.

Firstly, I can only make the best products if I am giving my best efforts and also my best talents. And if they best match the clients’ needs. My best talents and efforts only can come alive if I am at 100% Me. This is the core of any life work — be it in business or personal matters. Self awareness, self regulation and self celebration are all the core skills of an entrepreneur who wants a sustainable business. They are willing to go deeper and deeper into themselves for the resources to make their business work.

My hardest first lesson as an entrepreneur was asking for help. I was building a social enterprise — an afterschool site for low income kids so they would have somewhere to go after school where they would have quality education and healthy food and a community that cared for them. In order to keep costs low, all my family members — even the littlest niece of 6 came to clean and pain the place. It was embarrassing for me as I had to enlist people for help. It seemed like I forced my family to work. Later though they told me that they learnt alot and also realized that they could do so much with the little that they gave because there were so many others with so much less. It was fun to make a school for other kids.

Being an entrepreneur for me meant losing my sense of self. I had to be all things in all ways to serve my client base and the community. I cleaned toilets, did administrative work, took flyers and asked taxi drivers to hand them out; all to generate interest and livelihood for myself. In the past, as a teacher I commanded respect and had students carry my books around. Now I was a servant to a higher calling and that was to birth a new product, service and way of being and behavior in the world.

If I didn’t access my 100% me; I would doubt myself more. I did actually once when I returned to the civil service. I didn’t see how I could grow or scale my business and I wanted to raise a family so I looked from the stability of a 9–5 job. Some of you are laughing I know. I still believed in a 9–5 job and then I realized all I did was to sell my soul to someone else’s mission not my own. I left after 4 months and much psycho-somatic signs that it was not where I should be.

Daily now I have friends tell me they started their own thing or want to start their own thing. I am very happy for them. I always remind them to start it because they feel called to, they feel a mission, they see a vision. Not in reaction to a boss they dislike. Not in frustration and not in pain. Rather in hope excitement and a clarity that the market needs them and is willing to pay for their services.

From their 100% Me.

The next lesson I had to learn and am still learning. It’s a tough one. As a high achiever, I usually get things done. When things get tougher, I get more persistent. I am like a dog with a bone, I don’t back down, I gnaw, I bite, I don’t give up. I am stubborn. This tenacity has brought me much. Partnerships are easy; people see I will do what I say and say what I do. Clients know I don’t let them down. It’s just tough on me.

I had to learn how to let God and Universe and Divine and Fate (whatever you choose to call it) take over. When all else fails not to keep hitting the brick wall but instead to shout to the heavens:”Hey human being here in pain and suffering self-inflicted, time for a miracle if you please!” aka HELP!!!!!!!! the funniest thing is when I do let go and say hey I have done all I can do. I find firstly so much relief that I can see things clearer and also get new ideas, just as if God was whispering in my ear…. Eureka!

Letting Go after doing 100% Me is the final lesson. The outcome of all my work is not in my hands. People may say No and may walk away, I may lose projects, partners, clients, best talents and none of this is about me. It’s just life. That doesn’t mean I play at 70% since I expect some lack in the outcome. That is where most entrepreneurs and leaders start making the biggest mistake. Rather than commit 100% to the client, they give 70% expecting that client to maybe leave anyways. Rather than commit 100% to the new staff member, they expect them to leave in 1–2 years so they undercommit, undertrain, undervalue the staff and never unlock their full potential. Even to ourselves — who here can truly say we give 100% of ourselves to ourselves daily. That we bring all of ME to work, play and our most intimate relationships? If you do, please connect with me. That is the tribe I want to hang with. That is the tribe I belong to. Only now because I realized its not just 100% Me, it’s 100% Me & 100% God. Fully On and Fully Trust. Fully On and Fully Let Go. Fully In and Fully Detached.

Then all games are game on. And all time outs are not the end of the game but rather a time for rest, renewal and time for God to take the reigns (He always had) to make that SLAM DUNK for the team through me and you.

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