Alessandro Michele is Making History at The Gucci SS18 Fashion Show

Gucci Spring and Summer 2018 collection is all about fashion history and breaking the rules.

O n Wednesday September 20th, Alessandro Michele opened the Milan Fashion Week featuring his Gucci Spring Summer 2018 collection, one of the most long-awaited shows, and it’s all about breaking all of the fashion rules.

The last Fashion Week seasons have become a personal insight and statement for designers showing their own perception of society, art, fashion, trends and beauty. And Alessandro Michele is leading this tendency by presenting a deep vision of his mind: “Now it’s more than beauty. It’s a state of mind. It’s an idea of community and really deep expression.” according to the designer interviewed by the journalist Anders Christian Madsen in Vogue UK. With the Gucci headquarters changed into an antique vestige Roman place mixed with Egyptian, Indian and Aztec statues, Alessandro Michele shows one more time his obsession for the History.

L eading by a remix of the dramatic melody Marion Barfs by Clint Mansell, the models follow the blue runway changed into the Tiber River wearing Arlequin jackets, sequins dresses and gloves, bows matching with tiny shorts, English tweeds, bunny jackets, futuristic hats and sunglasses. It is all about glittering and disturbing juxtapositions: a mix of patterns, fabrics, styles and decades.

Alessandro Michele’s futuristic vision of the past is inspired by the 70’s with the disco trend, Elton John stage performance’s flashy and sparkling costumes. And the 80’s with the power suit, the padded shoulders and puffy hairs.

108 looks in tribute to the fashion history and future: “A lot of things that other designers have already done could be new again because now is the right time to do it” according to Alessandro Michele in Vogue UK.

H is obsession with the past is also a way to make a statement about the current society. Michele confessed to Vogue UK: “Resist acceleration and its obsessive painting that risks shattering life. Resist the mantra of speed and the illusion of something new at any cost.” Alessandro Michele isn’t the kind of following-the-rules person. On the contrary, he enjoys breaking them while featuring women and men collections at the same time, using unconventional and androgynous models, frightening atmosphere, juxtaposing crazy patterns and claiming that clothes are not the most important in the show. “[Fashion is] the only language that wanted to keep the old codes…that doesn’t work anymore for me.” declared the designer to WWD who is becoming a storyteller more than a fashion designer. And it is probably what makes him one of the most renowned and inspiring designer of the 21th century — to not say the most — “I want to stay, I want to feel, and I want to dilate this little swimming pool and turn it into an ocean.” according to the designer in an “intimate” press conference with WWD.

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