“Love is love” is a story of choice and breaking everything you believed in a heterosexual-oriented society

The first time I was oriented to the LGBTQA was when I saw Glee. At first I cringed. Then my mind was racing questions about media, its censorships on issues to be shown to hormone raging teen/audiences, and what the F is happening to soap opera content these days. Well, that’s what was around 2010-ish era.

After that I never gave it a thought anymore.

Then, Pretty Little Liars came along. The trailer entranced me. It was suspense, angst, drama and most of all mystery wrapped in a 20–30 minute flick! I loved it!

Then the character, Emily, came by. Sporty, slender, that Filipiniana beauty just oozes from her essence, and then she’s it . Is it even a good term or derogatory to describe LGBTQA++?

I don’t know.

Honestly, at first, the scenes were direct and on point. I didn’t expect that character to be polarizing and mind bending to my permanent understanding of human preferences when it came to gender issues.

In fact, I never questioned gender with only the bullets that I believed to be true: it’s based on what body part your born with down there.

I love the show so much that throughout studying my undergrad, I’d do marathons of it season per season just to catch up. I don’t care if I have a huge medical surgical book on my left hand and a laptop chugging PLL episodes at 2–3 am at dawn!

By then I came to accept Emily. I included her in my psyche. I drank her behaviour and personality when I watched the show.

After PLL’s Emily, I scoured the internet to learn about these men and women who are part of the movement.

I’ve seen Blue is the Warmest Color. And indeed, it was raw and the director of the film really gave an ultimatum to his cast. It was well portrayed by Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos which won them an award for all their work and efforts.

The film broke the aura of romance in a blink of an eye!

Where the film’s setting is or coincidentally France ( a.k.a. City of Lights and Love), it also engulfed the ideology of a different kind of love other than heterosexual boundaries when we think of France or French eros. That film, juxtaposed the old way of looking at love versus the new age of redefining what it is.

So many more films: Imagine Me and You, The groundbreaking Carol, The Hours, The Runaways, Black Swan and etc.

Other than that, current artists out now who are outspoken on these include: Lady Gaga, Charice Pempengco, Cate Jenner, Vice Ganda, RuPaul, Miley,

Young M.A., Siya, Mykki Blanco, Mara Wilson, Tommy Genesis, Angel Haze, and more.

Not only that but supporters as well of the community are also open to extend their hand on the issue.

For a year and a half, I pulled these resources into my plethora of observation and analysis. I read books, watched movies, explored interviews, listened to my friends who consider themselves as that- their woes, their abuses, their challenges, their convictions and own truth- and even as far as thinking of putting it as an inspiration for a whole capsule collection for my label. But then, here’s what stopped my continuous research:

I understood, but fail to really perceive the gender issue, unfortunately.

By then, Inkling of thoughts were dripping in the back of my mind turning into a pool of unanswered questions.

These people are forging their stamp in history to fight for their cause. Now, it’s become a whole street-filled party of men and women of all ages in many LGBTQA+-pro nations to celebrate their choice.

In utmost sincerity, they’ve come a long way. I don’t want to go talking about their history. But my point is, they’re gradually claiming their space in many arenas of life: whether it be at a political, religion, or social issue standpoint. They’re putting a stamp to a blank envelope moving the general public understanding of what it means to be a living breathing LGBTQA++; And that’s what makes me happy as a spectator of the movement.

These people are armed with a simple message: LOVE IS LOVE. But with that message comes and brings forth a story of not only those feelings. In it comes with the package which are:

  • Acceptance
  • Breaking norms
  • The power of human will and choices
  • The strength to negate standards and question current ideologies that have long been in the gray areas
  • Ethics and who’s right or wrong
  • Arranged marriages, made to order brides, and other relationship oriented fads

And so many more.

I love the idea that my past thinking and childhood observations weren’t dictated by the present state. It’s fun to see that what I once thought of, with regards to living in a heterosexual society, is now a debatable subject! It’s weird that when I was a kid, the whispers in the hallways of my elementary school on these subjects remain that…whispers.

But now it’s a conversation, a battle cry to many individuals and something worth fighting for! Even if that means drafting the laws of the land just to bury the issues and welcome a new age.

Well, to most nations it’s a reality. But here in my country, it remains a far off topic in the hallowed ears of teetotalers, school yard rumors, and work place juice.

It’s still a taboo here…and yet remains to be seen and observed because individuals are having their own gay weddings, man A and man B are signing their vows this weekend and posting it on instagram; or a toast of wine by a transgender couple below the sunset of Boracay is evident in my feed!

I guess my community is dealing with it. But dealing with it without the consent of the lawmakers or bound by the Constitution or the nods of agreement of the Supreme Court. We’re dealing with a worldwide phenomenon which is rampant in my country, but still so shackled by the dictums of Church and State preventing us to make a move to the next level of addressing this issue.

Anyways, despite the hoohaas of the authorities, the LGBTQA+ Filipinos are celebrating their own pride month or love is love movement in their own terms. They make what they can. And I believe that’s acceptance of self awareness. They’re toasting to life. They’re giving choice a go. They’re expressing through social media their preference on the matter.

And that is beautiful. When you can chose, there’s power. When you are independent of tradition, you ask the questions that matter to you. You answer to it by navigating the consequences and ultimately arriving to a primal answer to those choices: good or bad. Take it or leave it!

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