But financially, it doesnt work. Maybe, It’s not lack of hard work, but discipline…

I just realized that we live in a society that’s obsessed with work. Many revel in their achievements as a working adult, but not many are well off in a lot of levels.

It seems that being a workaholic is considered a mental disorder now. In excess, it is destructive. But in minimalistic measures, work can be seen as an employee being “lazy”, “sloppy”, twiddling thumbs…

I love work. And ever since I can remember my grandparents lives had work as a central theme to their whole adulthood and going. And I can proudly say that without that massive work ethic and will to survive everyday and succeed, I may be in the slums right now. Like, literally.

We owe a lot to the silent generation and baby boomers. They toil hard for a future that has infinite possibilities. But in the process, they exchanged their time, sweat and tears for being a subordinate to their authorities. Something, most millenials, slam on and backlash for its effects ( well on my generation and gen x-ers viewpoint).

Where I lived, I keep hearing people to go to work, work and work. But not many reach the 1%. But not many can say that their lives improved, just getting by.

I think it’s not a lack of determination or drive to work hard. I think it’s the lack of discipline to move past current circumstances that will lead most working adults, living from paycheck to paycheck every month, to a higher level of lifestyle.

Most billionaires sacrificed their lives for their vision and bold risks to achieve financial prosperity. Some closing companies they own when it doesn’t generate them or doesn’t exceed expectations after a projected timeframe, business wise. And I think that’s really scary despite having zillions in the bank. To risk is calculatory of putting your future on the line of moving forward or staying stuck.

My grandfather used to tell my siblings and I that every time he has studied hard for a periodical exam and expended his time (prior to that scheduled week of exams) and delivering good grades and excellent performance in classes, he would spend his time in the movies during periodical exam week. He wouldn’t study at all, but relax for that week as opposed to cramming. In the end, he still is getting As. That’s in the 1950s. He’s woke!

All his life he dedicated to working with a vision and proper planning as an adult. And right now, my grandpa’s enjoying his own new stuff on top of a cliff with people enjoying his businesses apart from him sharing those blessings to other people.

Maybe it indeed is discipline to get what you want in life. Not so much with hard work, but working smarter with a laser sharp focus as they say.