MCE^3 2016 Warsaw

Mariusz Saramak
Apr 24, 2016 · 5 min read

I have been in Warsaw a few times and I was in that city 3 days ago at Mobile Central Europe Conference I bought an “early bird” ticket for around 400 zł. I heard a lot of good things about MCE in Amsterdam on the MDevCon and a lot of people from abroad talked about MCE, nobody talked about which made me little sad :( but It is good that at least one mobile conference from Poland is so popular with foreigners.

In this year, the members of juglodz and participants of mobilization used 22 times code juglodz-mobilization when they bought tickets and that way We get 4 free ticket from MCE for that support. We distributed those tickets among the Lodz community.

MCE content:

Android Studio Internals

I started from “Android Studio Internals” by Michał Bendowski from Google. And it was a very interesting presentation about Android Studio and gradle cooperation.

Gradle deamon

Example: Did you know that life-cycle of gradle daemon is different when we run daemon by Android Studio ( it created daemon when no daemon is created) and different when we create daemon from console ?

Did you know that when you dynamically change the apk name you losing some time which could be saved because of cache mechanism.

Do you know that we can tune android studio and dexing process ?

Android Studio InternalsI always thought that gradle don’t have idea if console or android studio run it. After this presentation I know that it is not true :) but that mean that google team make a good job because gradle run by android studio is optimized for us and doesn’t change behavior for example CI tools.

Android architecture for everyday developer

MVC — MVP — MMVP — this works only with simple case. We should check clean architecture.

Some libraries which help us avoid boilerplate code and structure our project is


And we should check this Android Architecture Blueprints [beta]

Flash talks

Magda Zadara — new way to communicate with clients. A UX Workshop Tool.

Igor Sawczuk — Future is a boots in our messengers.

Android App Security on a Budget by Scott Alexander-Bown

One of the best talks at a conference, specially for me as a technical man. Our product owners, our product managers don’t know about security and sometimes don’t have budget to plan a sprint to improve a security in our app. We as programmers need to improve security during a normal work day by some sample tricks, like:

Patch against SSL exploids.

Pinning limits the trusted CA.

Tamper check, obfuscation and this not safe us from hacking our app, but at least it will be more difficult to do it.

Escape from Mars. Thank your architecture

What we need:


Everything Brake

Dagger 2

looks like dagger 2.5 is much easier then 2.0 :)

Gitlab introduced CI.

Sputnik — a tool for continuous review. Sputnik is integrated with github.

Full-text search on mobile.

Effective android architecture

I haven’t been but I would like to see because I herd that it is nice.

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Android kotlin/java developer

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