Threat modelling in a post-C.I.A world — focus on D.I.E

Mapping the Threat Modelling activity
Mapping the Threat Modelling activity with added 4 questions


  • Distributed — Is that system distributed in a way which takes full advantage of orchestration capabilities ? do we have limits in place to how many systems can be scaled to and are there any financial or anomaly detections which re-assess operational needs periodically ? do we understand the system’s behaviour as and when it scales and upstream or downstream impact in other components ? are we reliant on single zones, regions or cloud providers and is that acceptable ? do we know how the system behaves when it happens ? are all of the architecture elements distributed or just a few ?
  • Immutable — is that change reflected declaratively ? if we re-provision our systems, are we certain all latest changes and minor updates will be applied ? are there other access methods besides CI/CD by which code could be put in production ? would we know if someone did that and has it been tested ? could code be put in production outside of our trusted registries ? how are we admitting artefacts into our production environment ? how are we sure that referenced packages are actually the vendor provided versions and do we have mechanisms which validate this ? how long does it take between developers writing code and it being in production and why isn’t that shorter ? What’s the gap or constraint ?can your teams get shell access to production and if so, why do they need it and would you detect misuse ?
  • Ephemeral — how often are we re-provisioning our systems ? do we have systems with more than 30 days uptimes, and if so why is that ? for the longer lived systems, would we know how to detect attacker persistence ? is our data engineering practices exposing confidential information ? are we mitigating this threat with the use of privacy enhancing techniques to reduce the value of the exposed data ? after a certain task is performed, why is the underlying system not terminated ?




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