How We’ll Choose the First Mars Colonists
Stephanie M. McPherson

I wonder what philosophy we will take with us to Mars,

Will a ten year training program shed light on the cultural experiments we have attempted to develop in the different ethnic cultures and in all of them they have failed not only within there own culture group and when met by another culture were at odds.

Each had failed to realize that each culture is a small facet of this eco system and we should not attempt to control it, but rather learn from it, move with it, share with it, it being the nature of the place in which that culture grew from and we were born in or in the case of Mars colonize it in.

Or will we perpetuate the me-ology ( me first and maybe you second) and waste our resources and damage this place irreparably and so go to another world and do the same. What Philosophy will we take?

Will you have a seat for a Writer and a Poet, one who with that skill be able to warn us as the Greek Tragedies did of the danger of an unbalance society in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Are we truly ready in spirit to leave this place, which is in a shambles. What fail safe system have the creators of the Mars Project put in place so the same will not happen on Mars as it has happened here.

I wonder.

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