I don’t want a blog. I just want to write.
Susana Salgado

Deja vu!

I started blogging back in 2003 and eventually my blog became a reference for bloggers from Portugal and Brazil with more than 500.000 visitors each month. The blog survived about 8 years until I came to peace with myself and decided that all the hustle and hard work to produce original quality content interesting for my community was taking too much time from my personal life.

I’ve had several proposals to sell the blog but I didn’t look at it as a business more as my “baby” Since I developed it from nothing to a brand of my own.

I let my “baby” die to focus on my family and personal life. Today, sometimes, I miss “my baby” but there are other ways to get around it without the need to blog and Medium is a great help.

So kudos to you Susana :)

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