Small is not a stepping stone

From personal experience small companies, in most cases, can’t turn down business.

If you have a growing partner company will you tell your partner you are not willing to grow, regardless of the reason?

In big companies I believe it is important to have self managed teams and almost divide as if they were smaller partner companies working for the same goal thus having the potential to stay in the team or grow to a different paradigm inside the company.

But frequently I see people leaving big companies for smaller companies or starting their own claiming more free time, different lifestyle and other perks that a more exposed job does not have. I understand the reasons but, personally, I believe that has more to do with the way you work and manage expectations from your superiors / clients, more that the fact it’s a big or small company.

For me, at this moment with family and all, I rather be a valuable “player” on a large company than a valuable player on a small company. Reason being a small company can hardly preview how long will stay in business when thinking past 12 months. Larger companies have more agility to negotiate and attract new business.

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