I Thought Gay Celibacy Was My Only Option — I Was Wrong
Patrick Gothman


Thank you for sharing your sacred journey with us through this beautiful words where you dignify who you are and challenge the Church, the People of God, to “respect, [show] compassion, and sensitivity” (CCC 2358) to the gift of our sexuality. A gift truly given to us by our Divine Lover.

I’m sadden though that you didn’t find the freedom to be who God created you to be within the context of religious life. However, I cannot project my reality onto your, but Franciscan life has only helped me hone my skills and sexual identity to respond with my own, “Magnificat,” response to Love. An encounter like no other, simply by living a life of “yes” to God and an inner freedom I could not imagine outside of the Conventual Franciscan life.

Peace and All Good

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