About 10 months ago, I made a decision to move to another country to experience life there. For most Indians who choose to make such a move, the US is mostly their first choice. While, a lot of people did tell me that it would be in the best interest of my career to move to the US, I chose otherwise.

I had the opportunity to visit Berlin for a tech conference and got to spend a week in Europe as part of the trip. I really found a liking to Berlin. So, when it came to deciding on choosing…

Mobile Applications have become the hottest commodity in Software. Almost every business out there wants to have a mobile app. Mobile presence is fast replacing websites, and everyone believes that a healthy mobile presence will bring on more customers to their platform, business, etc. Why would someone download your mobile app is an entirely different question that I’ll detail out in a future post. For now, I’ll stick to keeping this post about building your mobile app in a scalable fashion.

For the sake of clarity, lets define Scale.

Scalability is the capability of a system, network, or process to…

A Push Notification is a message (read data), that’s sent from a remote server to a connected device

Most of you who have had to deal with Push Notifications (GCM, etc.) would have come across how reliable they are. I stress on them not being reliable, primarily because of the way we (read India, other developing nations) use our data. A whopping 50%+ of our Internet Janta, do not have their data on through the day. Without data, there’s no way to reach a device, and hence notifications never reach a huge chunk of our customer base.

Don’t we all…

Sundays are usually reserved for time with the Family — Mom, Dad, and Sis. This week around my parents asked if we could visit a home for small kids, some of whom were orphans and others who didn’t have well to do parents. Their mom or dad was either a ragpicker or not in a position to care for them.

This home — St. Vincent’s House is located in Banaswadi Road, Cooke Town, Bangalore.

We reached there at about 6:30 pm. None of the nuns were around, but the caretaker was aware that we would visit. We heard a lot…

In my previous post I had mentioned a code example on how to write a Singleton in Objective C. I had an interesting question from a friend.

What would happen when I call an alloc init over my Singleton?

This got me thinking, so I did my fair share of research on the topic, and came up with a few conclusions. There is no way to restrict the calling of the init method(like in Java). But, we still want to maintain only one instance. Of course, the easiest solution would be, just to remember that we are using a Singleton…

Here’s my second post on Design Patterns. So, this post is going to throw some light on the Singleton Patterns.

In software engineering, the Singleton Pattern is a design pattern that restricts the instantiation of a class to one object

So one might wonder why would you need to implement a Singleton? There are many scenarios where we’d rather have just one instance of a particular class. For eg.

  • The class which instantiates the DB connection
  • It can be used as a replacement to a Global Variable

Here are some of the advantages of using a Singleton

  • Only one instance…

Most of you in the Software Development Industry must have at some time or the other heard the term Design Patterns . Well, I heard this a while back from a few friends. Design Patterns was originally conceived by Gamma, Erich; Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson), and John Vlissides in their book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software).

To be brief, Design Patterns are a collection of approaches to Designing software applications that enable reuse and extensibility. It’s a more Object Oriented way of writing code, that is structured, well written, well understood and most importantly highly extendable and reusable.

Back here in India, we are prone to finding bad roads, with potholes. Usually, once the road has been newly laid, its all neat and really great to drive on. A few rains, a few months later, there are pot holes everywhere! The only plausible explanation is the quality of tar and other material used to lay the road. And the people to blame are the Contractors. Most Contractors in a bid to make money use poor quality material to get the road laid.

Once the bad road has been laid, and after a good load of people have suffered…

I just watched Sherlock Holmes, a game of Shadows. It was running in the multiplex at my office campus. Before I go on to tell you how the movie was, I’m going to tell you what led me to go watch the movie. First up, I’m a big Sherlock Holmes fan. I just love the way his mind works. Would’ve been great to know a real person like him.

I was sitting at home, half sleepy and half wondering what to do next that will not bore me. I had already watched The Hound of Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes TV Series…

Git is a version control system. More specifically it’s a distributed version control system.

For those of you who don’t know what versioning is. Here’s a small anecdote to get you up to speed.

I was working in a project where I was the developer and I had a fellow team mate testing my code. I used to complete my code and inform him of the updates and ask him to proceed with the testing. This was what he used to do. Download the latest version of the code into a folder with the current date as its name. …

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