My core issue stems from the fact that Medium is a broadcast network. There is no (easy) way for me to narrowly cast on specific topics. For example, I would love to publish more posts about nitty-gritty engineering topics that I experience on a daily basis — but I have no clue how many of my followers want to hear about that. There are several other topics that I want to talk about, but I don’t, because I just don’t know my audience.
My current issue with Medium
David Byttow

Structured data! LinkedIn did it with professional data / profiles. Facebook did it with brand likes. And Quora came closest with narrowcasting (even going as far as creating Twitter ids for specific topics) and I couldn’t agree more, Medium could do a lot more here.

Not sure why tags isn’t baked into the system and why medium can’t help me find an audience along interesting topics. That said, despite Quora doing that, I use the site sparingly these days and I think that’s another challenge any content network is gonna face.

Why should I get addicted to you? Taking a spin through sites I’m currently addicted to:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn (less so, but still a habit)

Facebook (and LinkedIn to a lesser degree thanks to their common DNA: Reid, Matt Cohler, Josh Elman, etc.) pioneered both structured data as well as algorithmic recommendations (People You May Know, inspired by Amazon’s ingenious path breaking Products You May Like, also YouTube’s Videos Like This).

Secondly, they are addictive habit machines nurtured through notifications and recommendations. I think any content network has a shot at replicating that behavior but what Medium lacks is a social network underpinning the content. In that regard, the answer might not be in the content itself but the people in your network sharing it, which is Medium’s missing piece.


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