Holy grain of

Logical Carbon Unit

I consider myself as Logically thinking Carbon Unit ( shortly LCU ) and I’m doing my best while looking for holy grains.

Let’s first define us LCUs first

We are capable of easy finding/identifing and memorizing interface patterns. We don’t like to memorize too much, because we are either too lazy, or simply we know that we can’t remember everything. For that reason We hate when interface lack of patterns, over combine multiple patterns together, or even worst use antipatterns.

The grains, root of all eval

As common LCUs, We use many and many different interfaces/tools/libraries. Call it what ever you want, but for sake of simplicity let’s call them grains. Why? Simply there are almost infinite number of them and they are making our ground solid… well at least they should.

Problem starts when our grains are not really solid in logic basics and thus compatible with our LCU essence, which simply means that they don’t allow us to follow their logic simply by applying our pattern seeking minds… then we have to

Read > Understand > Memorize > Forgot

and follow this cycle until we have it stored “pernamently”. It’s quite ok for few up to few hundreds grains, but as there are infinite number of grains comming, form certain amount ( which vary with age ) we will reach out capacity limits and then we are going straight way to hell of infinite loop, of memorizing / fogetting cycle. That’s very moment when we start to feel old and that’s the moment when we are starting braging about good old times when we had just few solid rocks beneath our yong feets and everything was cool.

Holy Salvation

Holy grains! Be blessed! These are the right grains to step on, just follow these simple rules and you are saved forever!

  1. Grains are simple, small, single purpose pieces.
  2. Each grain is build on top of solid grounds ( patterns ) which are simple, logical and self-explanatory.
  3. Be firm and refuse to step on any grain which don’t follow previous rules

In theory while following these rules, we should be able, to use almost infinite number of such holy grains, because all share same simple logic which is so common to us, we should be ok till almost infinity right…?

The Reality

Truth is that we use all kind of grains ( not to mention good old rocks ), no matter what type of computing unit created it and specially at that moment we don’t care, if it fit to holy grains category. Why? Because we make little excuses for each grain to advocate it’s place under our feets and that’s the exact point where we are starting to digging our own graves.

I know there is no way follow strict rules and build new piece of awesome technology every time something will cross the line, because we won’t get work done and therefor we won’t get feeded and we will die anyway and much much sooner. My point is that everytime we step on illogical or even eval grain using any excuse we have to feel shovel digging our grave for us, we have to feel that old grumpy face comming, because if we do, we will at least try to minimalize it as much as possible and maybe, if we all try, we won’t end up in our graves so fast… or at least we will be ready for it ;).

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