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Ah Anna!! I know how you feel.

Cloud computing is shit. It’s only something SiliconValley companies invented to transform us from customers to consumers.

I never write anything online, even fast replies like this one, I prefer to write it offline on a simple text processor on my computer, finish it there, then save it on desktop, and only finally copy and paste it wherever online. Not mention of more important or inspired writing!

How we can trust on something as volatile as a cloud?

Even in this way I had similar experience as you had, missing something that is impossible to re-write, like a poem, or a story. But was my fault, I was so tired in the night, I closed the application without saving it. Technology is great, but it is like a liar lover, it can betry us at any time.

And, yes, in the era of facebook, there is not such a thing called «privacy» any more… Privacy is dead.



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