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Disney is currently on the precipice of a new Golden Age thanks to the “duh” practice of taking its most beloved animated films and turning them into big-budget, live-action spectacles.

Okay, they are even huge commercial successes.
Okay, they are also excellent products, made with abundance of budget and technical mastery.
But they’re also a sign of a serious crisis of original ideas, aren’t them?
And they’re even a serious signal of the final death of the Art of Animation, don’t you think so?
Where are today the new Glen Kean, James Baxter, Frank Thomas, Freddy Moore?

The CGI is still producing (with Pixar, but also Disney and a few others) excellent films, that give us emotions and remain etched in our memory.
But today, what the hell can serve retell a story by replacing the art of drawing with (yes, excellent) actors? Is telling us any more to see Baloo like a real bear, or the Beast in CG stereo3D hyper-realistic rendering?
In my opinion, the CG was an evolution of movie art and language, the Stereo3D an actual failure. And these last attempts a real phase of “decadence.” The artistic decadence can be successful, but it is always, however, decadence (of language, style, but above all of ideas).
Just my humble opinion.

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