A note to other victims of abuse

Last year I thought my life would come to an end when a man who has known me for over a decade thought he had the right to drug, abuse and dispose of my body. This person believed he had sovereignty over others in such a way, that he had the right to ignore someone else’s humanity in order to fulfill his own pleasure. I brought my life back from the ashes of a near death experience, after spending days in the ICU trying to recover from the biggest physical and psychological trauma I have ever been through.

And then, I ran into to him at the bank. My initial reaction was to run like the wind, going through crowds of people without ever looking back. The bastard even had the guts to smile at me when our eyes crossed. It’s not fair, I thought. It’s not fair he gets to continue living his life while I have to suffer the consequences as a victim of trauma and abuse. But then, comes the other side of the coin, as the Brazilian saying goes.

I have no idea the type of adversities he is or will go through in retaliation to what he has done to me (and unfortunately other women) but of one thing I am certain. In one way or another, he will pay. And I have to remind myself every day that not only retaliation always comes around, but that as a victim I am incredibly lucky to have survived while maintaining my mental faculties intact enough to talk about this issue and fight it each day. The trauma of seeing him again lasted only for a night, and the next morning I was up and running again. I unfortunately still suffer with the set backs of having gone through this “experience” but they are getting more and more manageable with time. My strength and capacity to overcome traumas and adversities continues to amaze me each and every day.

To every woman out there who went through abuse of any kind, just know you’re incredible. You are powerful and amazing. You can do so much more than anyone (including yourself sometimes) may think you can. You will survive this. And life has its own way of taking care of the ones who did you wrong. To pin down that monster who dared to touch you against your will. And even if you are unfortunate enough to run pass them again, I know it will feel like the worst thing in the world, but you will get over it. Time cures everything. And don’t worry, they will pay. Because karma is truly a bitch and everything you put out into this world, will come back in one way or another.