Diversity and Inclusion: The Future of America

Diversity and Inclusion: The Future of America

“Laura is going to the White House”, reads Code2040’s recent Medium article. On Tuesday morning, this information felt like a ray of light in a gloomy political environment. It is news that needs to be publicized far and wide. Laura Weidman Powers, Co-Founder and CEO of Code2040, will be working with Megan Smith, US CTO, on matters related to diversity and inclusion in tech hiring and entrepreneurship. Given that the US will be a minority-majority by 2040, this work truly represents the future of America.

Tech at the Forefront

Thanks to our innovative leaders, the tech sector is arguably at the forefront of a movement to prepare the next generation for success in the workforce. Initiatives like Project Include provide specific guidelines for diversifying the workforce regardless of the size of a company. I am especially appreciative of their guidelines for start-ups and small companies. It is clear that whether you are leading a budding start-up or influencing policy on a national scale, we all need to work towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Leadership for the Next Generation

Michelle Obama illuminated and personalized the need for progressive leadership during inspiring speech at the Democratic National Convention:

“And as my daughters prepare to set out into the world, I want a leader who is worthy of that truth, a leader who is worthy of my girls’ promise and all our kids’ promise, a leader who will be guided every day by the love and hope and impossibly big dreams that we all have for our children.”

Laura Weidman Powers and Megan Smith both personify the leader that Michelle Obama described. They are an inspirations American daughters of all backgrounds. They are leaders who will influence the future of the workplace for the better.