Turning my life around in two weeks, tops

I’m lucky enough to have gone to an undergraduate institution which graces its students with the ultimate graduation present: senior week. Our education culminates at the binge drinking show-down consisting of endless parties and intoxicated almost-adults. It’s like our four years of hard work were only in preparation for the grand event, the endless studying a mere alibi. Waking up the morning of graduation and immediately knowing I had bronchitis was evidence that I had done senior week right.

Fast forward two weeks, tops, and I’m putting clothes into my suitcase, packing up my car, and driving two hours west to start my newest gig: physical therapy school. Talk about 0–100. One second I’m drinking spiked lemonade, the next I’m moving out of my parents house and preparing to be “Dr. Piccirillo.” Damn, that sounds weird.

Many students that I’ve met over the past two days of orientation, which included both PT and PA students, were 1 part skeptical 2 parts surprised when I said “yeah I graduated two weeks ago.” A majority of them took the more common gap-year route, giving themselves time to transition, work, and gas up before the 2–3 years of non-stop studying (ok maybe not non-stop, but close). With work experience under my belt, the GRE in my past, and professors ready to write my letters of reccomendation, I decided that this frequented path was not best for me; I didn’t want to waste time, and I’m ready.

Not long ago during the hottest weeks of the year so far, I was partying with my friends and ending a journey. Next week as I start classes, the weather again due to reach the 90s, I’ll instead be wearing a pair of scrubs, cutting into a cadaver’s back, and beginning one.