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If you don’t live under a rock, you are aware of the police inflicted murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and of the ensuing protests that have appeared across the United States in the past week. You are aware of Amy Cooper’s false report to the police accusing Christian Cooper, an African American man who was “threatening” her in Central Park as he peacefully birdwatched, and you are aware of the alarming rates of black deaths as a result of inadequate access to healthcare in response to COVID-19. …

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I’ve never been the type of person to have many friends. Yes, I like to be social, and yes, I have friends. But, no, I’m not a member of an impenetrable clique who has been inseparable since the second grade. Instead, my friendships have been formed through individual connections with teammates, colleagues, the only other girl whose mother forced her into Model United Nations at the age of 11. And, while I have several lasting strong friendships today, there are many that have not survived my multiple relocations around the world, movement through new schools, retirement from sports teams, and…

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Today, the day I sit to write this, is April 30th of the year 2020, and day 44 of my self-quarantine. Besides my brother and his girlfriend, I have not physically seen, laughed with, or touched any other living, breathing being. I have not raced out the door half asleep after snoozing the alarm for two hours; I have not missed my bus connection and had to walk an extra mile on my commute; and I have not had to commandeer my way through crowded, noisy intersections. Thank god.

I have, thank god, been in the extremely privileged position to…

Marisa Sittheeamorn

Casting my cultural confusion as I attempt to navigate our constantly changing world

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