Medialit post #1

I will never truly understand the world we live in. I will never truly understand why there is so much chaos. Why as human beings can we not be civil? As I was reading the Terence Crutcher articles I felt sad as it was intended by the writers of them. I was filled with questions that will never be answered. I think police officers are taking the power they have over lives too far. They kill people on the daily without thinking twice about it. Most officers of the law are paid on their leave. It sickens me that you murder someone and then get paid it’s basically like a hitman. One by one people are being killed for no valid reasons because police are so concerned about their safety. It isn’t right to assume that every African American has a gun and they want to end your life. You also cannot assume that they are a threat to society.

Paid leave for police officers should be unavailable unless it really can be proven that they needed to kill a citizen. We are talking about human beings with families and jobs. We are taking innocent people out of society for no reason. The officer Betty should have not been able to carry a weapon or even be on the force she obviously has a history that should’ve been looked into. If I felt threatened and HAD to use my gun I would shot the person injured not dead. But that’s just me being a human being with feelings and a heart.

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