Gates to the End of Time • Volume 1 • Luminescent

What happens when all you know vanishes in an instant?

“Follow me… to the end of time.”

Your dreams, your hopes, your ambitions.

The letter you just wrote to your mother, apologizing for how rude the voice in your head was. Though she understands it is not your fault, you still want to apologize. But the chance of forgiveness is gone.

The chance for everything.

A tree on the far horizon.

“Come to us…”

“Who are you?”

“…to where you belong.”


“Out of the mind of time.”

The gates were forbidden after the disastrous crossing of the Mernians and the rebel Guardian. The worlds which once were connected are now separated by their own time reality. Gallia and those under where times continuously flow are never to be visited again by those outside the gates of time. Oono, the last Mernian who escaped his fate now lives in eternal regret due to his own crimes while on Gallia.

Shea, the baby who survived in the cold bloody night is on the run from anyone and anything. Carrying with her the same deadly faith which took away the many lives the night she was born. She finds comfort and wishes to open her heart to others. but every time she does, death reaches them without discrimination. On her last attempt to escape the results of her destiny she falls into a hidden portal. The last of Gallia, which slowly vanishes with the passing of the years. This portal takes her to worlds, adventures and heartbreaks.She might have found home. Somewhere where she is unable to harm anyone or anything. But faith and those who control it have other plans for her.

Expected publication is once a month. (Twice with time.)

Series began on August 2016.

I started this story back in 2012 as part of Nanowrimo and it has evolved to a world of it’s own. Basically I am giving the serialized novel a chance as it might help me not be controlled by deadlines or word counts or even plots. I can write endless stories about this universe. There is no schedule. I write as I please. I just want to enjoy the journey. And I hope you enjoy it to.