Into the Woods

Marisa’s Rating: Zero M’s out of 5

Into the woods, literally the worst movie I have ever seen! I mean what was Walt Disney thinking when they invested in this movie and they rated it PG?Who wants to go see a movie with a creepy wolf (played by Johnny Depp) who is following a little girl around like a maniac? NOT ME THAT’S FOR SURE!

I absolutely do not recommend this movie. It had a horrible message for younger viewers. SPOILER ALERT: the worst scene is when someone who is already married goes behind her husband’s back and kisses one of the princes and then falls of a cliff (my mom said that just goes to show you cheating on someone is wrong).

And don’t even get me started on the music… there was only 1 good song and it was the song Into the Woods! Also, it was kind of funny when the two prince brothers started a sing off!

I definitely think this movie should have been rated at the very least PG-13.

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