We are Sol Lewitt’s construction crew

Sol LeWitt stood out to me more than any other artists at SFMOMA on the day of my field trip. I entered the room with a sliding block separating the room into two mini exhibitions. Frankly, my first thought was “another artist with a claimed abstract crayon work.” The persona of Sol LeWitt shifted drastically after I saw the instructions on the wall.

The graphite and crayon on seven walls became more than just a drawing. Most of us only see Sol LeWitt’s precise, light wall drawings once the marks are already on the wall. The beauty of it it is that the artwork can be carried out by anyone. The process of execution and the instruction were the piece of art themselves not the wall. Isn’t it mind-blowing to perceive text and bullet points as an artwork. Bullet points which are only used for note taking and intellect.

Below is Sol LeWitt wall drawing #541 sample

On each of four walls, a titled form with color ink washes superimposed.

Color ink wash

A. First wall: The background is GG-Left plane: YRY; right plane: YBY; bottom plane: BRB;

B. Second wall: The background is YY. Left plane: GBG; right plane: RGG; top plane: YGR

C. Third wall: The background is RR. Left plane: FBB; right plane: RYG; bottom plane: GGY

D. The background is BB. Left plane: GYB right plane: GRR; top plane: YGY;

Key: Red=R; Yellow=Y; Blue=B; Grey=G

We are his artistic construction crew. “The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.”- Sol Lewitt