Piccing the revolutionary Fashion App a “HOW TO GUIDE”

Marisa Thompson
Aug 12, 2014 · 3 min read

Smart phones currently rule our world, which means smart phone apps rule our lifestyle. With that in mind, Piccing has created a revolutionary app, available across all platforms, which will change how you shop and read magazines — with even fewer advertisements. Now that superb outfit you saw in your favorite magazine can be found with a few simple clicks on your phone. Simply take a picture of the image, select the items you see that you want to purchase, and wait for a list to appear of items that are identical, or very close to, the items you have selected.

First and foremost, we must address that the Piccing app is not just for fashionable women, but has been designed with everyone in mind. When you log on to the app for the first time, you are presented with a list of categories to help personalize your experience. These categories range from animals and architecture to tech gadgets and men’s accessories. Literally any image you can take a picture of, Piccing will help you find where you can purchase any of the items! You can even upload images you’ve already taken or browse the image feed to find your next DIY or outfit inspiration.

For example, in the above pictures you see a little green plus sign at the bottom left hand . In order to start marking the pictures, click this button, and then click on any of the items in the picture that you want to find at an online store. In the picture on the left, you can mark the bag, the bracelet, the shirt, the cup, the phone, and once you picc it, a list of those products will come up to assist you in finding your perfect product.

This revolutionary app works by creating a collection of images on what is called a piccboard. On this board you can place whatever images speak to you or inspire you to save for future use. In order to capture images from various places, you will need to install the Picc It Button, or the Piccing App, which will easily streamline your experience.

Once saved, you can then bring up the image to use the Mark It Button. This button is designed to allow you to select any of the pieces found in the image you have picc’d. After you have selected all of the pieces that interest you, simply click on the piece you wish to buy and look through the list of displayed products. When you click on the product, it will take you directly to their online website so you can purchase your new inspiration quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, in addition to this wondrous app, you can also go online to piccing.com where you will find inspiration and categories to browse. By combining your app and piccing.com, you will become unstoppable when it comes to finding your next great outfit, a book, a DIY project, or even your next smart phone! All in all, you will not regret giving Piccing a try, it will truly change your shopping experience, both inside and outside of the home!

You can download the iTunes APP here and the Android APP here

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