Marisa Hann for SPC President

I want to be your Student Programming Council President because I believe I can make a change. My qualifications in combination with my goals for the organization and the university as a whole are what will make me a successful President. The mission of the Student Programming Council is to provide a variety of quality entertainment for the entire university, making the Emory experience as enjoyable as possible. This can be accomplished through increased transparency, expanded student participation, a broadened number of signature events, and through developing partnerships and collaborations throughout Emory’s campus. I want SPC to be an accessible organization, where all students feel comfortable at our events and everyone feels satisfaction in voicing their opinions.


· Increase transparency

o After putting on our first town hall this year, we discovered that students really want to learn about how SPC works and what the artist selection processes look like. By beginning a semi-annual dinner in Winship Ballroom to receive feedback on past events and have ideas for future events, the transparency into how SPC is run will increase.

o We put out our first survey this year and the results have been extremely remarkable. As President, a survey will go out at least once a semester asking feedback from the past semester and what you wish to see in the future. This information will then directly be used to plan the future events. We will also find a way to make the results public so that other students can understand why SPC makes the decisions we do.

o Many students always have questions about our budget and where our money goes and next year I intend on answering those questions. Through including budget as part of our conversation at town halls and by developing online visual infographics focused on the yearly budget and how we plan on spending it, students will have a better grasp on how SPC really functions.

· Expand student participation through increased marketing and publicity initiatives

o I will assure that all students are aware of the events on campus through an SPC email listserv that you can opt-in to and with several updates to the Emory SPC Facebook page.

o By developing a communication network with student representatives from the different schools at Emory and from organizations around campus, all students will receive updates and awareness about the events on campus.

· Broaden the number of signature events

o Massages in the Library has been a signature event of SPC’s for a few years now. By expanding this program to include more hours and masseuses during finals week, more students will have the opportunity to experience this event during a stressful time.

o Screen on the Green is a movie experience on McDonough Field that students have always enjoyed. By increasing this event to once or twice a semester and developing a partnership with a movie production company to have access to new releases, this can become a signature event that students look forward to every semester.

o Providing free blue donkey and study snacks to students has always received positive feedback. This could be arranged as a mid-semester treat for students at a time when other events are not as prominent on campus.

o By increasing the number of events open to the student body each semester to at least once a month, all students will have the availability to attend an event and enjoy the entertainment brought by SPC.

· Develop collaborations and partnerships with a multitude of organizations and clubs on campus

o Through expanding the SPC Beyond program, organizations will have the opportunity to partner with SPC to develop a stronger program with a larger publicity network.

o By collaborating with other organizations and clubs on campus, more students will have access to more events on campus and using the publicity tactics of both SPC and other organizations, all students will be aware of what events are happening on campus.


· Office Hours

o By hosting weekly public office hours with the Vice President and myself, students will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions in person while receiving direct answers and feedback to their questions.

· Increased Online Communication

o By developing a well-known SPC email address, students will have a place to directly ask questions in a confidential manner. As an email-fanatic, I can personally assure that as President, these emails will be answered in a 48-hour time period.

· Updated Recruitment Process

o Through an update of the recruitment process, students will receive more notice on how to prepare for SPC interviews and if desired, each student will receive direct feedback on why they were not chosen to represent the committee.

o In the past, the process has been seen as very closed-off with people having no understanding of how SPC members are chosen. By developing a feedback initiative, students will be able to improve their answers for next year in order to become a more qualified candidate.

o In addition, by providing more situational questions instead of personality-type questions, we will be able to better gauge how a specific candidate would be able to handle him or herself in an SPC-specific situation.

o By tailoring the recruitment process to be more direct and clear, students will be able to recognize whether they are the type of candidate who could be successful on SPC.


· Current Dooley’s Week Chair

o I have made it a priority to make Dooley’s Week this year inclusive to the entire student body, truly making it a university-wide event. By reaching out to organizations across campus, we have developed different events for each day that every student at Emory can feel comfortable attending.

· Massages in the Library 2015

o After organizing Massages in the Library this year, I discovered that this is an event that needs to take place every semester. The student response I received while putting this event on was extremely positive, suggesting that more money should be allocated to put this event on during the final exam period.

· Homecoming Parade 2015

o This logistic-heavy event included cooperating with the Emory police department to shut down Eagle Row and coordinating with different organizations on campus to take part in the parade. We ended up having over 30 organizations on campus participate, and even though it rained, it was one of the most successful Homecoming Parades Emory has seen!

· Taste of Emory 2015

o My co-chair and I were extremely organized and delegated the job of contacting over 300 different restaurants in Atlanta to other members of SPC. As a team, we negotiated with these restaurants to provide free samples for an audience of over 3,000 students, faculty, and alumni of Emory.

· Homecoming Chair 2014

o I managed a committee of nine peers to plan a “Welcome to Wonderland” themed Homecoming. Working with a senior while I was a sophomore allowed me to learn the intricate details of planning a weeklong event and I learned to run a team and a successful program.

· Dooley’s Week 2014 Wonderful Wednesday

o For my first major event on SPC, I had the idea of hosting an event that included a giveaway, free food, and an activity, the three things that make up a successful event. By creating a Do-It-Yourself candy bar, students had the opportunity to pick out which candies they liked to create a bag of their favorite pieces that they could take home.

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