Where does my parking ticket money go?

Dear City of Fargo,

I have an urgent question to ask of you.

Since I started working at the Prairie Den at 122 1/2 N Broadway, I have gone through quite a number of parking tickets. All nearby parking spots are 90 minutes only, and often I forget/am in the zone/too lazy and don’t move my car.

I’m not here to whine. I know I could park in 4 hour parking down the street, or just set timers and actually move my car every 90 minutes. (Here, we call it the 90 minute shuffle.) But it’s a big pain.

This situation has resulted in my paying quite a lot of money in parking tickets. Quite a lot.

Last year it was $15 a pop which didn’t hurt so bad, although it did add up. Then this year came. Suddenly it was $20, then $30.

And so, in a vain attempt to justify how much money I have dutifully watched disappear into the City of Fargo abyss, I am asking this question.

Where does it all go?


A contributing member of society