GQ Man of the Year Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

I love this red carpet because it’s full of male stars wearing weirdness, pushing their boundaries. I hate this red carpet because it’s full of female stars pushing to be noticed by the male gaze. What a contradiction of an event, men stretching and expanding maleness, with women narrowing and constricting to the preconceived beauty norm. Let’s get too it, shall we?

Mark Strong, host of GQ Man of the Year Awards 2017

And just like that, I’ll contradict myself. Whooo this is boring. Why the host would choose to show up in something that looks almost off the rack is beyond me. The blazer doesn’t fit at all and it’s the simplest color and cut. Poor form.

Natalie Dormer

I love this boss bitch. She owns every carpet she steps onto and deserves way more roles than she’s getting. Hence why she’s here, angling for more. This is a good color for her, the clutch goes well and adds a pop of interest to an otherwise fairly boring suit. But nice job showing up in the same choice as the guys, of course with the addition of heaps of boob tape.

Jared Leto

He knows what’s expected of him at this point and he delivers. A ridiculous suit with every over-the-top, labeled accessory he can find. Check and check. I actually like the suit, shirt, and tie combo, but I’m perpetually bored by such clear label items like the Gucci accessories. Overall, not as bad as it could have been, and props for surprising.

Jack Guinness

No. No to mismatched blacks, no no no no no. Also, so incredibly boring. He’s resting on pretty.

Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp

Yes boys, yessssssss. Show them style chops. Caleb is miles ahead here, with an amazingly cut suit and beautiful color combinations between it and the shoes. Nice job to Noah and Gaten as well, for adding fun pops with their shoes, and cleaning up well. Good showing boys.

Courtney Love

No, I have no idea what she’s doing here either. Clearly looking to stay relevant, as her daughter continues to push away. Regardless, it’s always a good choice with Courtney leans into her now infamous Old Hollywood, glamorous turn. She looks fairly well put together. This works for me.

Anna Friel

This dress is gorgeous on her. I have no idea why she’s posing so hard, and why she chose those very wrong shoes, but it doesn’t matter. The color is striking and the fit is spot on. The hair is a bit pedestrian, but it’s forgiven because she’s got a more bohemian vibe she’s pushing here. She should also be getting a lot more work — come on Hollywood!

Adwoa Aboah

She looks truly stunning here. This relatively basic black dress is elevated by her hair and face choices, and the leather and tulle work for me. I appreciate that this isn’t a fully naked dress as well. Wikipedia tells me she’s a feminist activist, and to that I say, shine on girl.

Steve Coogan

Just okay Steve, just okay. I have such a soft spot for this guy (oh maybe that’s why Courtney is there??). I like the haircut and the new face work looks natural. I wish he’d taken more risk with the outfit though.

Hector Bellerin

Yes please, I will accept this, yes. More tattooed, sock-less men on the red carpet, thank you very much. A fun suit too, shame it’s not tailored a bit better.

John Cooper Clarke

I support this aging hipster look very much. Ankle boots, neck scarf, a little pattern and texture, all black everything. Thank you daddy.

All pictures via GQ.