I’m a big fan of homemade broth and it is one of the first foods my babies get. I use it often in cooking and sometimes just drink a mug of it. Thanks to the Instant Pot, it has gotten even easier to to make homemade bone broth … but as busy moms we all need shortcuts we can feel good about and I recently found a non-perishable bone broth that I always keep on hand!

Today I’m talking with Justin Mares, one of the founders of Kettle & Fire, who tells the story of why he and his brother Nick chose to get into the business of making better bone broth commercially available.

I’m sure making and packaging “real” bone broth was a challenge. This stuff gels up just the way homemade would in the fridge … and I can’t think of any other packaged bone broths I can say that about!

Kettle & Fire: Beginnings

Most of us probably started our journey into wellness and better food because of a health problem that needed solving. Justin Mares and his brother Nick were no different. Nick experienced a knee injury, and Justin (like a good brother) started looking for ways to help his recovery process.

Some of Justin’s Crossfit friends recommended bone broth to speed joint and ligament healing, and so the quest began. As the brothers learned more about the gelatin, amino acids, and minerals that make bone broth so great, they also realized they wanted a shortcut option that didn’t take hours to make at home.

There didn’t seem to be much available. Shelf-stable bone broth wasn’t simmered in the way it is in your kitchen, didn’t gel, contained additives and preservatives, and often didn’t come from grass-fed organic sources.

Through trial and error Justin and Nick pursued their dream of a better bone broth, and Kettle & Fire, the first shelf-stable, long-simmered commercial bone broth from only organic grass-fed sources, was born.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • the unique nutritional and amino acid profile of bone broth
  • what each amino acid does for health
  • reasons why your bone broth defies you and doesn’t gel (yes, you’re not alone!)
  • what scientific studies do (and don’t) show about the benefits of broth
  • the role of glycine and methionine in the body
  • why the type of bones used to make bone broth matter
  • how to get the most out of your bone broth
  • why Kettle & Fire is so different from other commercially produced broth
  • some downsides to other commercial broth brands (we try to be gentle … kind of)
  • how to customize homemade broth and use it more ways than you ever thought possible

Resources We Mention

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