How To Get Unstuck (In Love & Life)

Got dumped or you did the breaking up? You couldn’t take it anymore so you quit or for whatever reason, you lost your job? Death of a loved one? You or someone you know ever been diagnosed with an illness? The list can go on and on. These are just a few examples of “Contrasting Moments.” Experiences in our lives that don’t quite go according to plan and whether these are anticipated events or they hit us completely unexpectedly, they’re never easy to digest…in the beginning.

We get paralyzed in our thoughts…you know…the coulda, woulda, shoulda internal dialogue! Often our contrasting moments leave us stagnant or sometimes we fill those voids with compulsive behaviors. We spiral into a variety of emotions — from overwhelm, frustration, disappointment, feeling lost about what to do and where to go next…ultimately STUCK!

To help others learn to see the assets in their adversities, I designed a self-guided exercise called a Mindset Map. In order to get where you want to go in love and life, you must know where you are! The mindset map teaches you uncover your current relationship location, so you can learn to better navigate to your desired happily ever after!

To better illustrate how this process works and to get you unstuck so you can find more enjoyment and ease in your romantic pursuits, I’m sharing a recent video I made for my™ Facebook Group and Matchmaking clients. This is the first of a few steps you’ll need in order to write and live your desired “happily ever after” story!

Watch, subscribe and share with others who might benefit from the conversation! Cheers to your success! ;)