How To Tell Your Story in a Noisy, Social World

Cliff notes from a Hangout with Gary Vaynerchuk and Mari Smith

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I had the great pleasure of “jamming” with my friend, @GaryVee on a live Hangout on Friday, November 15th, 2013. There were SO many fantastic social media gems and relationship marketing principles in this fun and dynamic session.

Hangout replay + transcript!

You can watch the replay below and read the cliff notes in this post… plus, we even have a FULL transcript for you! :) Click to download the 32-page PDF transcript.

Gary has a NEW book out!

Gary and I talked about highlights from his new book coming out November 26th, 2013 Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hood: How To Tell Your Story In A Noisy, Social World. The book has a whopping 86 case studies. Click here to order on And, for special bulk packages, see Gary’s amaaaaazing book page here.

Listen, here’s what I know. Whoever spends $20 on this, no joke, is going to get a hell of a lot more than $20 in return in their business, much like Crush It and Thank You Economy where I get 50 emails a week because I’ve changed people’s businesses. @GaryVee

“This is probably my best piece of work because it’s so darned tangible.” @GaryVee

The examples make it real. So Mari, I’m thrilled to say, “Buy four copies of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and give one to the three people you give a crap about the most, because you’ll change their game.” @GaryVee

A note about

During our session, Gary shared many cutting-edge social media strategies that are working for businesses of all sizes.

He also shared some of the apps, tools and platforms he’s uber excited about. One of which is this one we’re on: MEDIUM.COM. Gary challenged me to write my first post on Medium — so here we go! Yay me! haha.

Folks, I just have to say, Medium is gorgeous, simple,and ridiculously easy to use. As you can see on this post, the platform allows you to embed media. All you do is type/paste in the URL (YouTube, tweet, Vine, Vimeo) and hit enter. Voila!

And, I *love* that readers can add a comment to ANY paragraph. (As you’re reading this post, hover over any paragraph and look for the little “+” icon — login with Twitter and leave a comment!)

I’ve been fascinated by Medium as a reader… for example, this lovely post by Scott Monty. But, this is my first post. And won’t be my last. hehee!

Cliff notes from the @GaryVee Hangout

Everything in the pull quotes are things Gary said. Plus, you can retweet, reply and favorite any of the embedded tweets below. Remember to download the PDF transcript if you prefer to read the full session… it’s a lot more fun to watch the YouTube video replay, though. hehee! And, most importantly, get yourself and your friends/clients a copy of JJJRH!

The title, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook means give, give, give, and then ask, … how do we execute that in channels? @GaryVee

I think the thing I do pretty well that I would recommend to most people is not try to be somebody you’re not. The biggest thing I’ve done right is I’ve been me. @GaryVee

“I am not in the technology business. I’m in the psychology business.” @GaryVee

I make my living on understanding the psychology of how people buy and do what they do. I’m not classically trained in psychology, it’s just my intuitive gift. @GaryVee

“EVERY business is a media company. The quicker you realize that, the quicker you’ll have success!” @GaryVee

Once you decide you’re a media company, video, the written word, audio, animated gifs — they all play, they all matter, and I really hope that people realize that. @GaryVee

The world’s noisier now, right? There’s more content. There’s more stuff being put out. There’s more platforms, and what I have a lot of heart for and what I’m really trying to figure out is how do we story tell at the end of the day what the value proposition of our work is. What is the value proposition of our stories, our content, and how do we basically get out there and sell our stuff while providing value to the end users? To me, that is the game. @GaryVee

“There’s a lot of ways to bring value. I bring value by listening.” @GaryVee

I bring value by creating new creatives. Other people bring value by curating. Other people bring value by curating the news. Some people curate by curating other personalities. @GaryVee

I find the best people actually struggle to ask for the business, but the 3% that I think actually get social media right now are in the jab, jab, jab, jab mode. @GaryVee

Mari, here’s a great move that I think has separated me in the last year. I’ve gotten even better, and you know I do this:

“When I have nothing to say but I have an urge, I just tweet out, ‘What can I do for you?’” @GaryVee

“I think Instagram’s the most important social network in the world right now.” @GaryVee

Gary says take a look at!

Gary says he’s obsessed with the new mobile app, Context!

Oh, there’s a new one [app] I’m obsessed with that, very transparently, I’m going to try to invest in. I don’t know if I’ll pull it off. It’s called Context. It’s kind of like Snapchat meets GroupMe. Mari, you have to check it out. It’s new, love it. I’m really enjoying that with my friends. It’s like a new way of texting with pictures, very light weight, frictionless.

I’m really looking to sell books. I’m excited. I think the biggest thing I’m doing is, or you can go to and there’s a link to the book. There I’m giving away 5- and 30- and 60-book packages that I think are massively valuable. There it is for the people on this that have an organization, have employees.

I strategically released this book in late November because I do think this is an incredible gift to a lot of people running small businesses and trying to build their careers, so that’s probably the best place to go. Or if you’re just looking for one, I’m very thankful for that as well and you can go to Amazon and find that very easily.

So, that’s a wrap! Remember, you can download the full transcript PDF file here (straight download, no email sign-in).

Get Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book! JAB, JAB, JAB, RIGHT HOOK: How TO Tell Your Story In a Noisy, Social World

And, as I mentioned on the Hangout, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook would make a great stocking stuffer — hehee! Get a bunch of books. And get a giant stocking!

Thanks, Gary! You ROCK!! xx


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